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Bearing choice

Bearing choice

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Tolerance Selection of Bearing Zone

Design and Working Conditions
Rotation condition Load Axial displacement limit of outer ring Other conditions Tolerance zone
Non-rotary outer ring

Uncertain load direction
normal load
heavy load
Outer ring can freely move at axial direction. Conduct heat with shaft
Axial split plummer block
Axial non-split plummer block
Impact at the moment of unloading
Underload and normal load
Impact force of normal load and heavy load

Outer ring does not need to move axially

Not recommend using split plummer block
Outer ring rotating opposite to load Underload
Normal load and heavy load
Heavy load
Non-split thin-wall plummer block P6


a. Tolerance classes listed are used for cast iron or steel plummer block, closer fit is necessary for nonferrous alloy or other materials.   
b. Once a wider tolerance zone is permissible, it can use P7, N7, k7 and J7 to replace P6, N6, M6, K6 and J6.

Tolerance selection of Nominal Annular Ball and Annular Roller Bearings


Design and Working Conditions Ball bearing Cylindrical roller bearing Self-aligning roller bearing Tolerance zone
Rotation state Radial load Nominal diameter and inner diameter (mm) of bearing
Rotating inner ring Light radial load Exceed Reach Exceed Reach Exceed Reach
0 18         h5
18 - 0 40 0 40 j6
40 140 40 100 K6    
Normal radial load     140 320 100 200 m6
0 18         k5
18 0 40 0 40 j5
    40 100 40 65 m5
    100 140 65 100 m6
    140 320 100 140 n6
        140 280 p6
        280 500 r6
        500 - r7
Heavy radial load 18 100         k5
100 0 40 0 40 m5
    40 65 40 65 m6
    140 65 100 n6  
    140 320 100 140 p6
        140 200 r6
        200 - r7
Non-rotating inner ring All radial Inner ring can freely move at axial direction. All sizes g6
Inner ring can not freely move at axial direction. All sizes h6
Pure thrust (axial) load All sizes j6


a. Tolerance class listed is fitting to solid shaft, a closer fit is needed for hollow or non steel shaft;
b. Once a higher precision is needed, it can use j5, k5 and m5 to replace j6, k6, m6.