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Installation of Bearing


Installation of Bearing
1. Bearing is a high-precision rotating elements that are very sensitive to impact and overload. Therefore, please use professional frock mold during the installation and be careful in dealing with bearings.
2. Bearings are very sensitive to the pollution of foreign matters and please clean the workbench before the installation, the frock mold. Before the installation, do not open the packaging of the bearing.
3. Installation method: [The bearing is in the shell, stress application in the outer ring] [The bearing is installed in the axle, stress application in the inner ring] [The bearing is installed in the spindle and the stress is on the inner rings and outer rings through the dowel block]

The Storage of Bearings  
The bearing should be stored in the low-temperature place (the temperature should lower than 60℃) and the shelf should be place above 20CM from the ground to avoid damp caused by touching the ground. The storage height should be not more than 6 boxes.
Above-mentioned are basic principles of installation and storage of bearings. Abiding by these principles cannot stand for the whole protection course of the bearings, but only guarantee the basic performances of the bearings.
The axles and special bearing installation and technology treatment, please contact with XZTZC via service hotline: 86-574-63302378.

The Method of Bearing Sealing Structure 
1. Bearings with dust covers-2z-z
The dust cover, made of stamping sheets, plays a role of shielding the dust during the working of bearing and guarantees the normal work and the service life of bearings.
2. Bearings with contact-type seal rings-2R-RS
The bearing with a sealing structure has better sealing effect than that with a dust-proof structure, especially the contact-type sealing bearing has better effect in preventing from the dust entering the bearing due to the seal ring is slid into the inner ring sealing groove. However, because the friction of the sealing lip, the moment of torch is higher.
3. Bearings with non-contact type seal rings-2R-RZ
Bearings with non-contact type seal ring have low-friction seal. This kind of bearings has efficient sealing effect and low friction moment of torch. Non-contact type sealing bearings are similar to those with dust cover in high rotation and low friction. However, under the circumstance with excessive demands on high-speed and low moment of torch, it may be eccentric. The edge contact between the seal ring and inner ring shoulder may be occurred and it will be probably good to use bearings with dust cover under this condition.


into oil and grease two types:
1. It is suitable for ultra-high speed running. 2. Installing the oil and bearings in the same base can achieve better lubricating effect. 3. It is suitable for higher working temperature. 4. Good lubricating method of lubricating oil has in using the central oil supply system as the auxiliary machinery. 5. Good lubricating method under the circumstance of oil with requirements on bearing torch moment.  
1. The grease is easy to keep the elaborate accessories in the bearing. 2. The grease provides long-term lubricant and needs no regular change or check. 3. Grease can increase the efficiency of insolating the dirt in the accessories. 4. Regiment sealing bearings can be added into lubricating grease in the manufacturing plant.
The products are famous for high precision, low noise, long service life and stable performance. The company mainly manufactures high-precision low-noise bearings for deep groove ball motors. These products are widely used in motors of air conditioners, washing machines, dust cleaners, exhausts, strong exhaust fans, juicers and massagers.
The company has a professional after-sales service team that provides complete after-sales service and professional technical guide to make customers without worry.